What is Juice?

Juice provides an API for any crypto company to issue debit cards to their customers without needing a bank partner or a processor. Get onboarded to our program in less than 48 hours and start integrating our API bouquet.


How the referral program works?

Invite a business to adopt our card issuance service and get a 0.0024 USDC commission on every single transaction their customers make using our cards. This is a “for life” offer. As long as the company is integrated with Juice, you continuously earn when customers shop with their debit cards.


Contact us

Wanna earn commissions from referring your favourite crypto companies? Make an email introduction to api@spendjuice.org.

Frequently asked questions

When do I start earning this referral commission?
What is USDC?
How do I receive the commission?
What happens when multiple people refer a company?
Can I refer a company if I work there?


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